Management Association

Mission, Vision, Goals


I. Mission

The Management Association is a professional organization chartered to promote the success and development of all managers, administrators and confidential employees.

II. Vision: Fostering Excellence. Together.

The Management Association is focused on supporting excellence in our management and leadership practices. To this end, we will provide our constituents with regular meetings, training workshops and social events that will foster and strengthen our common goals, responsibilities and sense of camaraderie.

III. Strategic Goals

  • Goal #1 – Redevelop our website so that our managers, administrators and confidential employees have a reliable, clear and concise information channel for management association related activities.

  • Goal #2 – Implement a management and leadership program that fosters and promotes individual growth and group bonding leading to increased professionalism and people management skills.

  • Goal #3 – Maintain and improve cooperative and collaborative relationships with all campus constituents.