Grant Development And Management


Grant Development and Management information is for SMC employees. Students seeking scholarship and grant information should contact the Financial Aid Office

Grants Office

Welcome to the SMC Grants Office. I’m Tracy Beidleman, Director of Grants, and I am here to assist you in your grant seeking needs. The Grants Office is located at 1516 Pico Boulevard and is housed in the SMC Foundation Offices. If you are seeking federal state, local, or private grants let’s discuss to see how we can work together to support your department initiatives and programs.

The primary goal of the Grants Office is to support faculty and staff from SMC, as well as the College's community partners, to navigate the college's grant development and grant management processes.

In addition to supporting the grant development/grant management process, the Grants Office works with other campus constituency groups to support resource development in general at SMC. Other sources of funding including:

  • State and federal appropriations
  • Partnership arrangements that may or may not involve a sharing of financial resources, but rather human resources, technological innovations, physical space, and/or students
  • Volunteer services
  • In-kind contributions
  • Financial gifts

To carry out these goals, the Grants Office works closely with several other SMC departments and can help you connect with these groups. Partners include:

Please feel free to contact me at 310-434-4180 or email me at

Grants Advisory Committee

The Grants Advisory Committee (GAC) was formed to address some of the most basic functions of the Grants Office. These include reviewing new grant and grant partnership opportunities, supporting renewal of existing funded projects where possible, facilitating grant related professional development, and managing the college's internal approval process for grant seeking. Please contact the Grants Office at for grant writing assistance.

All new grant and grant partnership proposals being considered should be submitted to the Grants Advisory Committee for pre-approval using the Grant Approval Process form before they are submitted to any funding agency. Learn more about SMC's Grant Seeking Process.

For additional information and/or assistance from the Grants Advisory Committee, please contact Tracy Beidleman at 310-434-4180 or email

Contact the Grants Office

Director of Grants, Tracy Beidleman

Grants Office