Grant Related Forms

Grant Approval Process formThe Grant Approval Process (GAP) form is a framework designed to gain institutional support and pre-approval for your grant proposal early in the development process, prior to submission to a potential funding agency. The GAP form has been designed to ensure proposed projects are aligned with institutional priorities, are appropriate and feasible based on capacity and resources, and have the support required for success once funded. Only applications that have received pre-approval through this process should be submitted to a funding agency for consideration.  GAP forms should be submitted for all proposals as early as possible, but at least 90 days prior to the submission deadline.

All grants, especially federal grants, require ample time to (1) prepare, (2) collect the supporting data, and documentation required by the grant, (3) develop the application, and (4) acquire the necessary signatories. As such, grant development requests received with less than 30 days’ notice run the risk of not being submitted. The Grants Advisory Committee comprised of faculty, senior administrators, managers, and classified staff will review the feasibility of submitting a successful grant proposal given the time constraints and determine whether or not the grant development process will proceed.