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Welcome to Santa Monica College and thank you for checking out the wide variety of career opportunities at one of the most prestigious and exciting community colleges in the nation.

At Santa Monica, we believe in creating an environment where equal opportunity and diversity are not just talk but is in everything we do. Our commitment to equal opportunity opportunities and inclusion extends beyond the classroom and into every aspect of campus life. Through our series of EEO and diversity videos, we invite you to discover why our community college is the perfect place for you to pursue your academic and personal goals. 

At SMC, we display the rich tapestry of diversity that defines our campus community. From a diverse student population to faculty, classified professionals, managers, and administrators representing a wide range of perspectives, our college is a well representation of talent and creativity in the greater Los Angeles area and State of California. Through heartfelt testimonials and inspiring stories, you will hear firsthand the power of diversity to enrich the College experience and prepare students for success in an increasingly globalized world. We also highlight our unwavering commitment to providing equal opportunity for all individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances.

At SMC, we recognize that diversity is not just a catchphrase—it is our greatest strength. Through our EEO and diversity videos, we invite you to join us on a journey of discovery and empowerment, where every individual is valued, respected, and supported on their path to success. Apply to SMC today and be part of a community where diversity thrives.

EEO Videos - Classified Staff

EEO Videos - Campus Police & Managers

EEO Videos - Faculty

With a strong focus on students and a culture of pride in our academic excellence, we boast an outstanding work force of faculty, administrators and non-teaching employees that numbers approximately 1,800. All our employees, whether in the classroom or not, work collaboratively to ensure that our students not only succeed, but thrive.

We are known for many things: Our No. 1 transfer rate of students to the University of California and other four-year schools; our outstanding academic reputation that has been recognized by Rolling Stone magazine, among others; our international community of students and faculty that comprise one of the most diverse campuses in the world; our location near the beach and the Westside cultural hub; and our distinguished alumni that include such luminaries as Dustin Hoffman and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And for our employees, we offer:

  • Excellent pay and benefits, including outstanding health, dental and vision care plans.
  • A dynamic and culturally stimulating work environment.
  • The opportunity to be part of a team that is doing important work: educating students.
  • An attractive main campus and satellite campuses.
  • A workplace that values diversity and creativity.