Job Descriptions


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Academic Administrators

Senior Management Team

Executive Vice President

Senior Director, Government Relations/Institutional Communications

Special Assistant to the Superintendent/President

Vice-President, Academic Affairs

Vice-President, Business/Administration

Vice-President, Enrollment Development

Vice-President, Human Resources

Vice-President, Student Affairs

Assistant Directors

Assistant Director Athletics

Assistant Director, Sustainability & Transportation

Associate Deans

Associate Dean, Career Technical Education

Associate Dean, Distance Education

Associate Dean, Emeritus

Associate Dean, Enrollment Services

Associate Dean, Facilities Programming

Associate Dean, Financial Aid/Scholarships

Associate Dean, Grants

Associate Dean, Health Sciences

Associate Dean, Instructional & Student Programs

Associate Dean, International Education

Associate Dean, Online Services & Support

Associate Dean, Outreach & Recruiting

Associate Dean, Student Equity & STEM Programs

Associate Dean, Student Life

Associate Dean, Student Success & Outreach

Associate Dean, Student Success Initiatives


Dean, Academic Affairs

Dean, Career Education

Dean, Community and Academic Relations

Dean, Education Enterprise

Dean, Enrollment Services

Dean, First Year Programs

Dean, Human Resources

Dean, Institutional Research

Dean, Instructional Services

Dean, International Education

Dean, Learning Resources

Dean, Noncredit/External Programs

Dean, SMC Foundation/Institutional Advancement

Dean, Students

Dean, Workforce Development


Director, Academic Computing

Director, Athletics

Director, Business Development

Director, Career and Contract Education

Director, Classified Personnel

Director, Disabled Students Program Services

Director, Health and Wellbeing

Director, Instructional Services/External Programs

Director, International Development

Director, Library and Information Services

Director, Online Services & Support

Director, Performing Arts Center

Director, Special Programs

Director, Student & Alumni Relations

Director, Student Judicial Affairs

Director, Supplemental Instruction/Tutoring

Project Managers

Project Manager, Adult Education Programs

Project Manager, Equity Initiatives

Project Manager, IxD Promotion and Recruitment

Project Manager, LA HiTech Student Support

Project Manager, Pico Promise

Project Manager, Suicide Prevention Grant

Project Manager, Sustainability Coordination

Project Manager, Upward Bound

Project Manager, Workforce Development

Classified Managers & Classified Support Staff

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