Non-Merit Employment (Special Services)


Non-Merit positions in general fall into the following categories:

  • Student Employees
  • Special Services

Short Term Temporary Non-Merit Classifications w/Salary Schedules

Special Services

This category currently includes the following positions:

  • Coaching Assistant
  • Recreation Director
  • Art Model, Art Model with Costume
  • Community Services Specialist I and II

An online employment request, completed by the hiring supervisor to fill a special services position is approved at the appropriate hiring authority level, and processed by Human Resources. A duty list for the specific position must be on file in the office of human resources.


Human Resources – 310-434-4415

Non-Merit (Special Services) Payroll – 310-434-4992

SMC is committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity. SMC is committed to providing an equal opportunity for employment regardless of race, religious creed, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, marital status, medical condition, or disability in accordance with Federal, state, and local regulations.