Classified Professional Development Committee


The mission of the Classified Professional Development Committee is to offer training, education, professional and personal growth for Santa Monica College classified employees.

Classifed Professional Development Workshop and Training

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Guidelines for Swing Shift or Night Shift Classified Staff

For additional information or questions, please contact the Office of Human Resources 310-434-4921

The Classified Professional Development Committee is a Joint Committee consisting of three representatives appointed by the District and three representatives appointed by CSEA.

Classified Professional Development Committee Members

  • Michael Tuitasi, Vice President of Student Affairs, District Representative

  • Aaron De La Torre, Student Services Specialist, CSEA Representative

  • Fariba Dinaali, Administrative Assistant II, CSEA Representative

  • Estela Ruezga, Sr. Academic Records Evaluator, CSEA Representative

  • Carla Alvarado, FT DSPS Specialist, CSEA Representative

  • Jose G. Hernandez, Manager, Admissions and Records, District Representative

  • Cyrus Fernandez, Professional Development Coordinator, District Representative

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Classified Staff Waiver Program for SMC Course Material and Course Work

The Admissions & Records Office waives tuition for classified employees. Employees may also receive reimbursement for required instructional materials.

District - CSEA Agreement Article 11.13

Classified Staff Professional Growth/Education Tuition Reimbursement

Permanent employees may apply for and receive reimbursement of tuition, registration, and/or cost of books or materials for classes, conferences, or workshops taken during the employee's non-work hours.

District - CSEA Agreement Article 11.11

Classified Staff Educational Pay Differential Program

Permanent employees may be eligible for an educational pay differential for successful completion of approved educational training.

**Submissions for requests are currently accepted**

District - CSEA Agreement Article 11.10