Classified Professional Development Committee


​The mission of the Classified Professional Development Committee is to offer training, education, professional and personal growth for Santa Monica College classified employees.

​Classifed Professional Development Workshop and Training

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Classified Employees Q&A​

Guidelines​ for Swing Shift or Night Shift Classified Staff​

For additional information or questions, please contact the Office of Human Resources 310-434-4921

The Classified Professional Development Committee is a Joint Committee consisting of three representatives appointed by the District and three representatives appointed by CSEA.

Classified Professional Development Committee Members

  • Michael Tuitasi, Vice President of Student Affairs, District Representative

  • Aaron De La Torre, Student Services Specialist, CSEA Representative

  • Fariba Dinaali, Administrative Assistant II, CSEA Representative

  • Estela Ruezga, Sr. Academic Records Evaluator, CSEA Representative

  • Carla Alvarado, FT DSPS Specialist​, CSEA Representative

  • Jose G. Hernandez​​, Manager, Admissions and Records, District Representative

  • Cyrus Fernandez, Professional Development Coordinator​​​, District Representative

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Classified Staff Waiver Program for SMC Course Material and Course Work

The Admissions & Records Office waives tuition for classified employees. Employees may also receive reimbursement for required instructional materials.

District - CSEA Agreement ​Article 11.13

Classified Staff Professional Growth/Education Tuition Reimbursement

Permanent employees may apply for and receive reimbursement of tuition, registration, and/or cost of books or materials for classes, conferences, or workshops taken during the employee's non-work hours.

District - CSEA Agreement Article 11.11

Classified Staff Educational Pay Differential Program

Permanent employees may be eligible for an educational pay differential for successful completion of approved educational training.

**Submissions for requests are currently accepted**

District - CSEA Agreement Article 11.10​