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Spam Filter: Barracuda Email Service


Barracuda Email Security Service

Spam Filter

When you receive spam filter email notification from Barracuda Networks, click the provided link that goes to a list of blocked and quarantined messages.

You can also go directly to Barracuda Networks to view the Message Log. Log in with  SMC email and password

Message Log

Use the Message Log tab to manage mail. The Message Log tab displays all email messages that come through the Barracuda Email Security Service to your account.  

Barracuda Message Log

The Message Log tab also allows you to:

  1. Search for an email or words within a message

  2. Change the number of days for the message history to wish to view

  3. Double-click on a Quarantined message to view it within the site

  4. Preview Quarantined messages (Note that you cannot preview blocked messages)

Message Filter

You can filter messages by All, Allowed, UI Delivered, Not Allowed, Blocked, Deferred, or Quarantined

Barracuda Message Filter


Barracuda Actions

Depending on the message filter, once you select one or more messages, you can take the following actions:

  • Export – Selected messages are exported to a CSV file. When prompted, enter a file name and select whether to save to your local desktop or network.
  • Deliver – The service attempts to deliver the selected messages to your mailbox; note that you cannot deliver messages blocked for Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). If a message is successfully delivered, the Delivery Status changes to Delivered. If the mail cannot be delivered, a notice displays in your browser window and the Delivery Status does not change. If delivered messages are not delivered to the recipient's mailbox, it may be due to a filter on the mail server or a service on your network catching the mail as spam.   Additionally, check your local trash/spam folder for the mail.  Check with your system administrator for more information.
  • Delete – Messages remain in the log until you select the message and click Delete.
  • Whitelist – Senders of selected messages are whitelisted; note that you cannot whitelist blocked messages.
  • Recategorize – When one or more categorized emails are selected, allows you to change the category. For example, if the message is categorized as Corporate but you believe it should be categorized as Marketing Materials, you can change the category via the Recategorize drop-down. This action submits this email message for recategorization to your selected category.

For more information, visit End-User Training for Email Security Service.