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Samples of Assets

Assets are preformatted content that can be added to a page but not edited on the page.

What are Assets?

  • Pre-made, specific content that can go on many pages, like forms and embed codes.
  • More info: OU > Assets

Web Content Assets

Below is the the current annual parking fees for the main campus at SMC:

Cost: $93.50 fall/spring, $49.50 summer/winter

Text Assets

This is content placed in a text asset. It cannot be edited unless you go into the Asset and edit it there. Plain text can not be formatted. And I'll add some more content.

Source Code Assets

Source Code Assets are written in code. Use them for special HTML or scripts.

Image Gallery Assets

Image Galleries must be used in conjuncture with the "Gallery with Options" Component.

  • Paris, France
  • Versaille, France
  • Paris

Form Assets

This is "Instructional Text" for a test form. (Test Form #1) add a note about instructions.
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