General SMC Complaint Process Notice


Listed below are resources available to persons who wish to file a complaint at SMC. If you have a complaint, please go to the website for the applicable resource below and follow the complaint processes of that area.


Ombuds Office

The ombudsperson acts as a listening ear, conciliator, mediator, and resource for the college community. Please contact the Ombuds office regarding:

  • Assistance in facilitating discussions about grade disagreements, breakdown of communication, and other complex issues. Conversations with the ombudsperson are confidential to the extent permitted by law.

The office does not file formal complaints to the college. The Ombuds office is an informal office where individuals may explore options in confidence.

Ombuds Office Website

Student Judicial Affairs Office

The Student Judicial Affairs Office upholds the Student Conduct Code, the Academic Conduct Code, and the Honor Code to promote a safe learning environment at SMC. Please contact Student Judicial Affairs regarding:

  • The student discipline process or student discipline issues.

Student Judicial Affairs Office


Admissions & Records Office

The Admissions & Records Office oversees matriculation related processes, student records, and FERPA (the federal law mandating privacy of student information). Please contact the Admissions & Records Office regarding:

  • Complaints about the matriculation process.

  • Complaints about student records or FERPA-related concerns.

Admissions & Records Office Website


Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life oversees matters related to student life on campus. Please contact the Office of Student Life regarding:

  • Complaints about publicity materials posted around campus that are deemed offensive.

Office of Student Life Website


Campus Police Department

The SMC Campus Police Department provides law enforcement, crime prevention, investigation, security, and parking and traffic control services at SMC. Please contact Campus Police regarding:

  • Complaints about crimes (including sexual violence). Also, Campus Police can provide assistance with situations involving safety and emergencies.

Campus Police Department Website


Office of Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources oversees H.R. related policies and procedures at SMC. Please contact the Office of Human Resources regarding:

  • Unlawful discrimination or harassment, including sexual harassment.

  • Complaints about violations of the District’s policy regarding workplace/campus violence and anti-bullying.

  • Employee grievances under the District’s collective bargaining agreements.

  • Complaints concerning District personnel.

  • For general assistance about complaints, information about where to file a complaint, and information about whistleblower complaints.

Office of Human Resources Website


Office of Risk Management

The Office of Risk Management oversees environmental compliance, occupational health and safety, and the District’s insurance coverage for property, liability, and workers’ compensation. Please contact the Office of Risk Management regarding:

  • Work related injuries.

  • Student injuries.

  • Claims against SMC regarding injury or damage to persons or personal property.

  • Non-crime-related safety concerns.

Office of Risk Management Website


Confidential Reporting Hotline

Complaints can be made to confidentially to the Confidential Reporting Hotline. Please contact the Confidential Reporting Hotline regarding:

  • Complaints about unethical, illegal, or unsafe situations at SMC.

Confidential Reporting Hotline Website

(800) 566-8240

California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office

*Non-SMC agency

The Chancellor’s Office is the agency that oversees the community colleges in California. SMC employees, SMC students, and members of the public who wish to file unlawful discrimination and harassment complaints, including sexual harassment complaints, can do so directly with the Chancellor’s Office.

California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Website

(916) 445-8752

Accrediting Commission for Community & Junior Colleges (ACCJC)

*Non-SMC organization

ACCJC is the agency that oversees SMC’s accreditation. Complaints regarding SMC’s compliance with academic program quality and accrediting standards can be filed with ACCJC.

Accrediting Commission for Community & Junior Colleges Website

State Agencies

Reports about suspected improper activities of employers or complaints of retaliation resulting from whistleblower activities may be reported to these state agencies.

California State Auditor Whistleblower Hotline

(800) 952-5665

California State Attorney General’s Whistleblower Hotline

California State Attorney General’s Whistleblower Hotline Website

(800) 952-5225

California State Personnel Board

(916) 653-1403