Jun 11

SMC Choirs: 'Righting Our Wrongs'

7:30 p.m. - 9 p.m. Online
SMC Choirs: 'Righting Our Wrongs'

SMC Chamber Choir & Chorosynthesis Singers, Co-Composers

"Righting Our Wrongs" is a virtually performed and recorded broadcast performance of choral music exploring the idea of human and societal reconciliation through the lenses of the LGBTQ experience intersecting unaccepting religions, of minority voices silenced or dismissed through the women's suffrage movement, and the breakdown of empathic dialogue among ideological tribal divides.

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"Righting Our Wrongs" Program

Three student compositions will be featured, including "We Dream," co-composed by SMC students and Chorosynthesis Singers on the topic of racial (in)justice.

The SMC Choirs and Chorosynthesis Singers will collaborate in the second performance of Melissa Dunphy's "Amendment: Righting Our Wrongs," commissioned by the Votes for Women Consortium and premiered here at Santa Monica College under the co-direction of Jeremiah Selvey and Wendy Moy.


  • Jeremiah Selvey, Director & Producer
  • Chorosynthesis Singers, Guest Collaborators
  • Wendy Moy, Conductor
  • Sophie Stubbs, Cello
  • Frank Basile & Gary Gray, Rehearsal Pianists
  • Phil McGowan, Audio Engineer
  • Melissa Dunphy, Composer
  • Isabel Van Aalst, Student Composer