Ed Mangus

Ed Mangus


Born and raised in the City of Los Angeles, Ed is a life-long photographer with over 35 years of experience working in all aspects of the profession as well as in college-level photography and laboratory instruction. He has won a variety of awards for his work in photojournalism, media arts, along with civic recognition for non-profit, public service, and tutoring. Before joining Santa Monica College in 1997, he was a photography lab instructor at Los Angeles Pierce College.

Ed’s freelance work has specialized in ad campaign photography, documentaries, environmental portraiture, street style and production still photography. His personal work is photographing people in their environment.

Ed currently teaches Photo 1(Introduction to Photography) and Photo 2 (Basic Black and White Darkroom Techniques). He became a full-time Photography Department Instructor in 2019.

It has been, and is, an honor to share my life-long experience and passion for photography with students from all over the world,  young and old, with various life challenges. Photography is the universal communication tool, bridging cultures. My classroom becomes a microcosm of today’s world where I am able to instruct photography majors as well as those unsure of their career path – a truly rewarding experience.