Melanie Aguilar


Melanie AguilarTransfer to University of Southern California (USC)


I started at SMC in 2019, right after graduating high school. I decided to attend SMC because I didn’t want to settle for a university where my heart wasn’t in it.

SMC greatly influenced my career path and the steps I need to take to get there. SMC helped me solidify what I see myself doing years from now. It was something I have always been uncertain about. I was part of the Scholars and Adelante programs. As a first-generation college student, I am most proud of getting into USC on my own merit and the persistence I showed throughout, even when things felt so out of reach.

Though SMC was not in my plans, I can definitely say that it gave me a second shot. It gave me the opportunity to start over, and served as a bridge between me and the school I’ve always dreamed of attending.

Even when things seem extremely out of reach, nothing is impossible if you work hard.