Andrea Giraldo Morales


Andrea Giraldo MoralesWhen Passion Meets Purpose

Graduating today with an Associate degree in Communication Studies, Andrea will be the first to tell you that she can be very passionate about the things that matter to her.

“I think it’s very obvious to everyone who knows me,” she confides. “I’m passionate about art, music, dancing, filmmaking, acting — so many things.”

Central to that passion is a desire to help others. Whether it’s in her home country of Colombia, where she volunteered at book distributions and taught English to children, or here at SMC, where she’s been an active force in the International Students Forum (ISF), Andrea believes in making sure others around her have the opportunities they need to thrive — just like the opportunity she experienced when she discovered the ISF.

“It changed my life completely,” Andrea says of the group. “I met my best friends here. They understood how hard it was to be here, not knowing anything, not having anyone.” Andrea gradually grew more involved, eventually stepping up to become ISF president. Her passion for helping others has since drawn her to the Associated Students (AS) Board of Directors, where she will serve as the Director of Activities.

Although she faced numerous challenges to get here, Andrea says she found the support she needed at Santa Monica College.

“I can do what I set out to do,” she says, “thanks to SMC and everyone who believed in me and supported me.”