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About the Sustainable Technologies Program

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Santa Monica College is one of California’s most sustainable community college campuses. We deliver high quality, relevant education, and training designed to prepare you for a career in some of California’s fastest growing industries: Solar, Energy Efficiency and Recycling.

Courses not only provide hands-on experiences but also integrate current software, technology, and industry best practices to help ensure that graduates are ready to fill high paying, in-demand jobs in a field of work that is both exciting and essential.

Sustainable technologies coursework at SMC will give you the tools you need to excel in a wide range of positions that continue to grow in these dynamic fields. Our close connections and partnerships with industry leaders will help you maximize internship opportunities and compete in the job market.

Why choose a sustainable technologies certificate?

Certificates Offered

Recycling & Resource Management

Gain practical skills and theoretical frameworks to help individuals, communities, and businesses reduce their waste, save money, and operate more efficiently.

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Solar Energy

Gain the skills necessary to place and advance in the solar energy industry, while developing a holistic perspective on the role of solar power in a changing global economy and climate. (Currently unavailable)

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Energy Efficiency

Learn to analyze utility bills, electrical and gas systems, and to then make cost-effective recommendations for energy efficiency upgrades and demand-side management.
(Currently unavailable)

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Sustainability Systems & Technology

Kickstart a job in the burgeoning field of sustainable materials management, and be a step ahead in the job market. (Non-Credit)

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General Testimony for Non-Credit Courses/Certificates

I am so thankful that SMC’s non-credit certificate programs are available online! With the flexibility to organize my time around work, school and life, I am able to achieve my goal to earn all three sustainability certificates offered. Over the past two years, I have attended numerous webinars and participated in online courses that have all focused on sustainability, and SMC’s courses have been the most engaging and informative! I truly appreciate the opportunity to participate and learn virtually and I hope these programs continue with the option to zoom in!