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About the Recycling and Resource Management Program

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle for a Living with a Career in Resource Management

As more cities and businesses develop sustainability policies, there is an increased need for trained staff who can properly manage organizational resources, as well as initiate effective environmental programs on local and domestic fronts. Santa Monica College offers education and real-world training in recycling and resource management to help support individuals, communities, and companies reduce their waste, save money, and operate more efficiently.

Make connections between how historical events helped shape consumerism, and how other social phenomena influence our modern throw-away culture. Learn how current local and domestic national legislation impact zero waste, landfill diversion, recycling, composting, and resource management. Tap into key issues surrounding our carbon footprint, consumer laws, and cultural mindsets, and gain opportunities to connect with community partners on these topics.

Earn a Department Certificate or extend your coursework to earn a state-approved recycling and resource management certificate. Make a difference and play an influential role in how local communities and businesses work together to resolve global climate change.

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Recycling and Resource Management Courses

All classes meet IGETC and GE transfer requirements. Courses are not sequential; there are no prerequisites.

Degrees and Certificates

Department Certificate - Recycling & Zero Waste

12 units

Upon completion of this certificate, students will demonstrate the ability to plan, implement, and oversee waste management programs aimed at implementing Zero Waste principles and sustainability practices for individuals, businesses, and communities. Additionally, students will demonstrate the ability to write proposals and policy using correct terminology, principles, and CA legislation and regulations regarding waste, recycling, sustainable resource management, and zero waste systems.

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Associate in Science Degree - Recycling & Resource Management

18 units + General Education Requirements

Certificate of Achievement - Recycling & Resource Management

18 units

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