SMC Choirs

Enrollment Options



Departmental Policy

The SMC Music Department would like for all participants in all ensembles to be enrolled as students. However, due to state law, there is a limit of four times a student may be enrolled in an ensemble or a family of ensembles. As such, you may only enroll in Jazz Vocal Ensemble 4 semesters and you may only enroll in either Concert Chorale or Chamber Choir a total of 4 semesters between the two ensembles. This limit has resulted in the Community Education Department very generously partnering with us to allow for those who have maxed out their number of enrollments for an ensemble to still participate in the ensemble as a "Community Member."

According to departmental policy, all ensemble participants MUST max out their 4 enrollments in an ensemble or family of ensembles before they are to use the status of "Community Member." Exceptions are rare and must be approved in writing by the ensemble director each semester. Furthermore, "Community Members" are expected to take the course as a regular student and to achieve to the same standard as an enrolled student.

Within the framework of this policy, below are the processes for enrolling in any of our classes.