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Learn about Who We Are and then select the choir(s) you think you would like to join. Note: If you are interested in Chamber Choir, we recommend keeping Wednesday nights available in addition to Tuesday and Thursday rehearsals.


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Please take 1-2 minutes to share your information so we can learn more about you and be in touch with you regarding the next semester’s activities.


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Included below are the course number, section number, and director for each of the 3 choirs. Please use this information to enroll through Corsair Connect; for those approved to enroll as community members, see information below.

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Prepare for and Schedule Your Voice Placement and/or Audition

  • Concert Chorale requires a 5-minute Voice Placement in which the director will listen to your vocal range and ability to match pitch to determine which section best fits you and the ensemble. No prepared music necessary.
  • Chamber Choir requires a 10-minute audition, which will include the Voice Placement (see above), as well as an assessment of music reading, ear training, and vocal development. Note: If you are not accepted into Chamber Choir, you will be encouraged to join us in Concert Chorale! No prepared music necessary.
  • Jazz Vocal Ensemble requires a 10-minute audition, which will include a prepared jazz standard (accompaniment provided), a voice placement (see above), and an assessment of ear training.

Auditions and Voice Placement Flier

Choir Auditions for Chamber Choir and Voice Placements for Concert Chorale

If you have any questions about any of the 4 steps above, please reach out to

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