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  • Culture, History, and Languages

    Hola, ciao, hello! Explore languages, literature and cultures from around the world.

    • You are able to pick up languages easily and have a passion for arts, culture and travel.

    • You wish to become a better global citizen.

  • Education

    Shape the next generation of learners by using interactive teaching strategies, games, and leading technology.

    • You are compassionate, caring, and a lifelong learner who lights up the room.
    • You inspire others to be curious, dream big, and pursue growth goals.

  • Health and Wellness

    Explore the growing health care industry and pursue a career in wellness, nutrition, fitness, or medical support services.

    • You prioritize a healthy lifestyle and rarely miss a workout.
    • You enjoy helping people and are able to work in high-pressure environments.

  • People and Society

    Discover the why behind human interactions, and develop new solutions that impact global societies.

    • You think deeply about social issues and how to solve them.
    • You are passionate about making the world a better place to live, work, and play.

  • Undecided?

    Jump right in and design your career path with the support and direction of our expert counselors.

    • You have many interests, talents and big ideas about what your future looks like.
    • You are open to exploring our many academic and career education program.

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    Explore a range of academic and career paths designed to fuel your curiosity, imagination and goals.

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