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Application and Enrollment

How to Apply to SMC (CCC Apply + SMC application)

Corsair Connect Overview

How to Apply to High School Concurrent Enrollment

Financial Aid

What Financial Aid Services Are Available at SMC?

How to view the financial aid portal in Corsair Connect

What is FAFSA and How Do I apply?

SMC Promise Program

What's the Difference Between The SMC Promise Program and the California College Promise Grant (CCPG)?

How to use your book voucher as an SMC Promise Student

Technology FAQ

How to add SMC email  account on an Android

How to add SMC email  account on an iPhone

How to Log in to Canvas

More Technology FAQ

  • Do You Need A Chromebook? Reach out to your faculty or special program counselor to request a Chromebook for while you are here at SMC.

  • Where to find Wi-Fi: The SMC Bundy Campus has free WiFi for SMC's enrolled students in the east side parking lot. Monday-Friday 8 a.m.- 10 p.m. with a permit from campus Parking Enforcement Officer.

  • LA County launched an online Wi-Fi locator tool to provide residents with an easy approach for securing internet access.  To use this tool, input your address in the search bar to find locations near you with free internet access and/or information for residential and commercial internet providers serving your area.

  • What are the different online learning modalities? What does Flexible, Flexible with Optional Scheduled Meetings, Flexible with Scheduled Exams and Scheduled mean?

Transfer FAQ

Counseling FAQ

  • Check out Student Success@ SMC  for video overviews of all the great counseling programs and resources available to SMC students!

  • Have questions about dropping a class, how to contact your professors, and other classroom situation questions? Check out the Counseling FAQ page for helpful information.

  • Find out How to contact a counselor to learn about SMC's helpful advisors who  can help answer your questions about classes and support services at the college.

Library FAQ

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