Facilities location big blue bus lines
SMC Emeritus Classrooms and Offices:
EC 1227 107
EC 1227 204
EC 1227 205
EC 1227 208
EC 1227 304
EC 1227 307
EC 1227 308
EC 1227 407
EC 1227 408
EC 1227 409
EC 1227 410
1227 Second St. (2nd & Wilshire), SM
CALL US! Call 310-434-4306
Santa Monica & 3rd: #5 (weekdays), #8, #9
4th & Wilshire: #2, #3, Rapid #3 (weekdays, no midday service), and #9
Handicapped parking and bike racks are available on the street level of city parking structure #2. Additional metered handicapped parking entrance off 2nd Court alley.
BROOKDALE OCEAN Brookdale Ocean House, 2107 Ocean Ave. (Ocean Ave. & Pacific St.), SM Ocean & Pacific: #8
BROOKDALE GARDENS Brookdale Santa Monica Gardens, 851 2nd St.(2nd & Idaho), SM 4th & Idaho: #9
BUNDY SMC Bundy Campus, 3171 S. Bundy Dr. (Bundy & College Dr.), LA Bundy & Airport: #14
CMD SMC Center for Media and Design,
1660 Stewart St. (½ block N. of Olympic), SM
Stewart & Pennsylvania: #16 (weekdays), #43 (weekdays, no midday service)
CLOVER Clover Park, 2600 Ocean Park Blvd. (Ocean Park & 25th), SM Ocean Park & 25th: #8
DOUGLAS PARK Douglas Park, 2439 Wilshire Blvd. (25th & Wilshire), SM 26th & Wilshire: #2, #43 (weekdays, no midday service)
EUCLID PARK Euclid Park, 1525 Euclid St. (between Colorado & Broadway), SM Colorado & 14th: #5 (weekdays), #41 (Mon-Fri only)
FST PRES First Presbyterian Church, 1220 2nd St. (2nd & Wilshire), SM

Santa Monica & 3rd: #5 (weekdays), #8, #9
4th & Wilshire: #2, #3, #Rapid 3 (weekdays, no midday service), #9

Handicapped parking and bike racks are available on the street level of city parking structure #2. Additional metered handicapped parking entrance off 2nd Court alley.

1450 OCEAN Camera Obscura Art Lab, 1450 Ocean Ave. (Ocean & Broadway), SM Ocean & Santa Monica: #8
GOOSE EGG PARK Goose Egg Park,
700 block of Palisades Ave. (1 block North of Montana), SM
4th & Montana: #9
Lincoln & Montana: #18
ITINERARY Locations vary – instructor will inform class of the meeting places  
KEN EDWA Ken Edwards Center/Wise Adult Day Services, 1527 Fourth St., SM
(across the street from the Santa Monica Place near 4th & Broadway)
4th & Broadway: #2, #7, Rapid #7 (weekdays), #8, #9
LEVIN CTR Jewish Family Services, Israel Levin Center, 201 Ocean Front Walk, Venice (off of Speedway & Ozone) Main & Rose: #1
LINCOLN Lincoln Middle School,
1501 California Ave., Rm. 400 (15th & California), SM
Wilshire & 14th: #2
14th & California: #41 (Mon-Fri only)
MALBU SMC Malibu Campus, 23555 Civic Center Way, Malibu Metro 134 (learn more about bus passes for SMC Students)
MALIBU BLUFFS Malibu Bluffs Park, Michael Landon Community Building, 24250 Pacific Coast Highway (PCH & Malibu Canyon Road), Malibu Metro 534
MALIBU SR CTR Malibu Senior Center, 23825 Stuart Ranch Road, Malibu Metro 534
PAC SMC Performing Arts Center, The Broad Stage & The Edye,
1310 11th Street (11th & Santa Monica), SM
Santa Monica & 11th: #1, Rapid #10 (weekdays, no midday service) #41 (Mon-Fri only)
REED PARK Reed Park, 1133 7th St. (Lincoln & Wilshire), SM Lincoln & Wilshire: #2, #18
SM LIB Santa Monica Library Main Branch, 601 Santa Monica Blvd., SM Santa Monica & 6th: #1, #5 (weekdays), #7, Rapid #7 (weekdays), Rapid #10 (weekdays, no midday service), #18
SMC Santa Monica College Main Campus, 1900 Pico Blvd. (19th & Pico), SM

Pico & 18th: #7, Rapid #7 (weekdays), #41 (Mon-Fri only), #43 (weekdays, no midday service)

20th & Pearl: #16 (weekdays)

SM SYNG The Santa Monica Synagogue, 1448 18th St. (18th & Broadway), SM Santa Monica & 17th: #1, Rapid #10 (weekdays, no midday service)
ST MONICA St. Monica Catholic Church
725 California Ave. (Lincoln & California), SM
Lincoln & California Ave: #18
Wilshire & Lincoln: #2
Virginia Avenue Park, 2200 Virginia Ave. (Cloverfield & Pico), SM Pico & Cloverfield: #7
WHCHC West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation
7302 Santa Monica Blvd., WH (Santa Monica & Poinsettia)
Fuller & Santa Monica Metro 704
WISE Ken Edwards Center/Wise & Healthy Aging Adult Day Services,
1527 4th St. (4th & Broadway), SM
Broadway & 4th: #1, #2, #7, Rapid #7 (weekdays), #8, #9, Rapid #10 (weekdays; no midday service), #18

SMC and Emeritus Transportation & Parking

Santa Monica College maps, transportation, and campus parking information are available online on the SMC Transportation website. For detailed public transit information, contact: Santa Monica Big Blue Bus, 310-451-5444 or TDD 310-395-6024, web address bigbluebus.com; Metro, 323 GO-METRO, 323-466-3876, web address metro.net. If you have Downtown Santa Monica parking questions, call the SP+ Parking Operations office at 310-576-4743. Students attending class at the SMC Emeritus Campus (1227 2nd Street) may park in the City of Santa Monica parking structure #2, adjacent to Emeritus on 2nd St. between Arizona and Wilshire. The standard parking rate for parking structure #2 is: first 90 minutes free, other times and fees are as posted in the City of Santa Monica parking structure and are subject to change. If you are taking a class at any of the other SMC locations (i.e. Main Campus in Structure #3, Bundy, or the SMC Performing Arts Center) you will need a valid virtual parking permit from SMC to avoid a citation. Please visit the SMC Parking website to secure your virtual parking permit. Sign in with your SMC credentials and register your car. The permit is virtual and there is no printed document required.

SMC students can get the GoPass, which provides access to BBB as well as Metro.
To get to the Malibu campus, catch the Metro #134 from downtown Santa Monica to Malibu and get dropped off within walking distance to the new campus.

The cost for the GoPASS is only $22.50 per semester, which gives students unlimited rides on most transit agencies around Los Angeles. Get the pass by following the instructions on the SMC Transportation page.