Emeritus Summer 2023 Schedule

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You’ve Got SMC Email!

Every student at Emeritus has been assigned a Santa Monica College email address. Check it regularly to get information from college faculty and staff.

How do you get to your email?

  • Go to the Santa Monica College website at smc.edu

  • Click on the Login tab at the top of the screen and then click Corsair Connect below that

  • Click onto the SMC Gmail link at the top of the Corsair Connect login screen

  • A new SMC SIGN-ON window will appear

  • Enter your Username and password to log in to your SMC Gmail account

  • You are responsible for keeping track of your password

  • Answers to many questions about SMC computer systems are available through the student Information Technology Help (studentITHELP) webpage

Attend All Your Classes!

Please be sure to attend all of your Emeritus classes. Emeritus gets funded by the State of California based on each day of every class that you attend. Low class attendance may result in class cancellations. If you cannot attend class, please withdraw online or by filling out a withdrawal form to allow space for another student. Students who do not attend class may be dropped from the class.

Los Angeles County Help Line

Find housing, transportation, meals, medical care, senior centers, legal and elder abuse help. Visit 211la.org for free information

Big Blue Bus

SMC students can ride Big Blue Bus for free using a valid student ID card with the current semester sticker. Read more about this program at smc.edu/transportation.

Use the Trip Planner on bigbluebus.com to plan your trip. You can also use third-party apps like Google Maps and Transit for updates on when your bus will arrive.

Or, you can call us at 310-451-5444 and a Customer Service Assistant will help you.

Mode - Mobility on Demand Every Day

Big Blue Bus and WISE & Healthy Aging have partnered with Lyft to provide MODE, a curb-to-curb, on-demand transportation program for older adults (at least 65 years old) and persons with disabilities (at least 18 years old) who live in the City of Santa Monica.

To participate, you must register with MODE by calling WISE & Healthy Aging at 310-394-9871. Registered members may travel anywhere within the Santa Monica city limits. A one-way fare is $1.50 for members, or $0.75 for low-income members!

For more information, visit bigbluebus.com/mode.

Check Out the Emeritus Website


You’ll find

  • Enrollment information and instructions

  • Schedules of classes

  • How to support Emeritus

  • Emeritus news and information

  • Bulletin Board of community events

  • The Emeritus Voice newsletter

  • Advisory Council pictures and bios

  • Contact information for Emeritus

  • And more….

Got Suggestions?

You can give Emeritus your feedback in several ways:

  • Email: emeritus@smc.edu

  • Phone: 310-434-4306

  • Suggestion boxes: located on 1st and 2nd floors of Emeritus

  • In person: Emeritus 1st or 4th floor administrative offices

Volunteer Los Angeles

Check out your volunteer options at a local nonprofit organization. Work with the best.

Volunteer Opportunities

Without You, There is No “US” in EMERITUS.

Our success depends on the support we get from you.

SMC Emeritus is recruiting volunteers. If you are interested, please call the Program Coordinator, Vivian Rankin-Scales, at 310-434-3851.


Help provide for activities, special performances, supplies, equipment, and more. Please make checks payable to “SMC Foundation” and write “Emeritus” in the memo line. Donations can be mailed with your Emeritus registration or donate securely online on the SMC Foundation website. Please allow additional time for donation acknowledgments during peak registration periods. Thank You.

Donate Your Vehicle - PDF FileSupport Lifelong Learning!

Donate your car, truck, boat, or any other type of vehicle to SMC Foundation. Your gift may even qualify for a Tax Deduction. We make donating your vehicle Easy!

  1. Call us or visit us online.
  2. Schedule your free convenient pick-up.
  3. Receive a tax receipt for your donation

Schedule your donation by calling 858-500-7433 or visit the Santa Monica Foundation website.

Community Education

Want More Classes?
Check Out What’s New at SMC Community Education*

Languages, Special Lectures, Photography, Dance,  Exercise, and Much Much More!

Expand Your Lifelong Learning Goals.
Connect with New Classes, and
Discover an Exciting New World of Learning!

*SMC Community Education offers not-for-credit, fee-based classes for your personal enrichment.

Register for classes at commed.smc.edu