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NOTE: The 2 program maps below are for the "General Music" option of the AA degree, NOT for the "Applied Music" program.  Information on the Applied Music Program can be found on the website and program maps for the "Applied Music" option can be obtained from your academic counselor.

Music (General Music) using IGETC (for transfer)

72-101 Units

NOTE: This is a general transfer map that outlines courses required by most institutions.  It is highly recommended that you meet with an academic counselor for educational planning, as major requirements vary by institution. Additionally, this transfer program may be completed using CSU General Education (instead of IGETC).  You should meet with a counselor to discuss which general education pattern is most appropriate based on your goal(s).

Music (General Music) using SMC GE (for AA degree only, not sufficient for transfer)

60-83 Units

Piano Courses

16-19 Units

Ensemble Courses

20 Units

Program Electives