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SMC has now entered into year 2 of our membership in the Alliance, and we invite all employees to explore the resources offered with our membership!

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About the Alliance

The USC Race and Equity Center collaborates with institutions across the nation to empower faculty and staff members to strategically develop and achieve equity goals through climate studies, high quality learning experiences, substantive partnerships and workshops built to improve racial literacy on campuses.

One of the key programs that the USC Race and Equity Center has created is the California Community Colleges Racial Equity Leadership Alliance. The Alliance unites community colleges across the state of California for high-quality professional learning experiences on an array of topics pertaining to racial equity. Administrators, faculty, and staff across member colleges access a digital repository of useful tools and resources, as well as engage with colleagues beyond their individual campuses through a dynamic virtual community of practice.

SMC has now entered into year two of the alliance, and we invite all employees to explore the resources and ways to engage in 2022 and beyond.


Sign Up to Attend one of the 2022 Live eConvenings

SMC has renewed our membership for year 2, and we are recruiting for attendees to join each monthly, virtual "eConvening" session on behalf of SMC! This professional learning series is for full-time and part-time employees at Alliance member institutions. Each month, nationally renowned equity experts will offer a highly-engaging live session via Zoom on a different racial equity topic. Useful tools and practical strategies will be provided in every synchronous three-hour experience. Every campus can send up to 10 employees to each session. While there is no cost, advance registration is required for each individual session. 

We welcome all SMC employees (Full-time, Part-time, Faculty, Classified, and Administrators) to share their interest in participating in the virtual eConvening sessions. There are only 10 spots available for each college per session, so if you are interested in attending one (or more) please fill out our form to let us know which you'd like to attend if spots are available.

If you are not available to attend the live sessions, included with SMC's membership for year 2 is access for ALL SMC employees to USC's Equity Connect Portal. In this portal, you will find all the resources and recordings from the Alliance eConvening sessions, plus events, groups, forums, and ways to connect with colleagues from other colleges.

Fill Out Our Live Session Interest Form!

View the PDF Flyer for the Year 2 eConvening Series

Navigating Resistance with Trustees and Governing Board Members
Monday, May 23 | 9am-12pm PDT

Centering Racial Equity in Course Design to Ensure Student Learning
Monday, June 13 | 9am-12pm PDT

Embedding Racial Equity into All Parts of the Institution
Monday, July 11 | 9am-12pm PDT

Resolving Black-Latinx Tensions Among Employees
Tuesday, August 9 | 9am-12pm PDT

Affirming Students of Color in Counseling and Advising
Wednesday, September 14 | 9am-12pm PDT

Affirming Students’ Racial Identities in Curriculum
Tuesday, October 4 | 9am-12pm PDT

Supporting and Empowering Undocumented Students
Thursday, November 3 | 9am-12pm PST

Responding to Resistance to Racial Equity Efforts Monday,
December 5 | 9am-12pm PST

Equity-Minded Budgeting and Equitable Resource Allocation
Wednesday, January 18 | 9am-12pm PST

Clarifying Legal Parameters in an Anti-Affirmative Action Context
Tuesday, February 14 | 9am-12pm PST

Communicating Progress on Racial Equity Goals and Commitments
Thursday, March 2 | 9am-12pm PST

NOTE: If you are selected to attend a session on behalf of SMC, please expect to join a group debrief session at a later date to discuss the Alliance as a whole and how we can utilize the tools and practices to further SMC's growth as an equity-centered institution. You may be asked to present in a group event or panel to share out what was learned from the series.

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Set up your SMC Equity Connect Portal Account

Included with SMC's membership for year 2 is access for ALL SMC employees to USC's Equity Connect Portal (regardless if you attend a live eConvening or not). In this portal, you will find all the resources and recordings from the Alliance eConvening sessions, plus events, groups, forums, and ways to connect with colleagues from other colleges.

Below is the registration link for SMC and instructions for setting up an account for the portal. Any employee with an email domain that ends in @smc.edu can now register for the portal using the link below. Note that employees must use an email address that ends in @smc.edu.

Instructions for registering your account for the USC Equity Connect Portal:

  1. Open the registration link for SMC:
    SMC's USC Equity Connect Portal Registration
  2. Enter information requested and create a password for your account. Please use your SMC email address when registering (this will provide you access).
  3. You will receive an email validation request upon registration. Please click “validate email” from the message in your email within 24 hours of receiving this email confirmation.
  4. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THE VALIDATION EMAIL, please check your SMC Barracuda Email Protection Quarantine. If you find the validation email there in your message log, select it and click "allow list" and "deliver". It should show up in your email inbox momentarily.
  5. Once you receive the email and you click “validate email” from within it, an email validation screen will appear. You will be redirected to the log in screen shortly after.
  6. Enter your credentials for log-in (only works if you have validated your email).
  7. The user log in site for employees will be here (after you create and register for an account):
    Login to the USC Equity Connect Portal

Please let us know if you have any questions or issues!

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Access SMC's Archived files and sessions from 2021

SMC Employees can access a SharePoint folder with all of the resources and recordings of the sessions from year 1 of the Alliance to view or download.

SMC's Archive of Equity Alliance Year 1 Files

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