Academic Senate Officers and Members


Academic Senate Officers 2023-2024

Senate Representation 2023-2024 

Department senators
Art (11 FT Faculty - 2 Senators)

Mark Trujillo (Term Ending Spring 2025)
Kaelyn Rodriguez (Term Ending Spring 2027)*

*Term begins Fall 2024

Business (12 FT Faculty - 2 Senators) Dana Nasser (Term Ending Spring 2024)
Nathan Khalil (Term Ending Spring 2024)
Communications (18 FT Faculty - 2 Senators)

Luis Andrade (Term Ending Spring 2025)
Alan Adelman (Term Ending Spring 2026)*
Lauren Movius (Term Ending) Spring 2026)

*Adelman replaces L. Dickenson as of Spring 2024

Cosmetology (4 FT Faculty - 1 Senator) Asunta Moisan (Term Ending Spring 2027)*

*Term begins Fall 2024
Counseling (47 FT Faculty - 5 Senators)

Vicenta Arrizon (Term Ending Spring 2026)
Laurie Guglielmo (Term Ending Spring 2026)
Beatriz Magallon (Term Ending Spring 2024)
Olivia Vallejo (Term Ending Spring 2024)
Alicia Villalpando (Term Ending Spring 2026)

CSIS (12 FT Faculty - 2 Senators)

Jinan Darwiche (Term Ending Spring 2025)
Gina Jerry (Term Ending Spring 2026)

Dance (5 FT Faculty - 1 Senator)

Jae Lee (Term Ending Spring 2026)

Design Tech. (11 FT Faculty - 2 Senators)

Nicola Vruwink (Term Ending Spring 2026)

Earth Science (12 FT Faculty - 2 Senators)

Brandon Lewis (Term Ending Spring 2025)
Lisa Collins (Term Ending Spring 2027)*

*Term begins Fall 2024

Education/ECE (7 FT Faculty - 1 Senator)

Yiching Grace (Term Ending Spring 2025)

English (37 FT Faculty - 4 Senators)

Clay Barham (Term Ending Spring 2027)
Jessica Krug (Term Ending Spring 2025)
Jean Paik (Term Ending Spring 2027)*
Manuel Gonzalez (Term Ending Spring 2027)*

*Term begins Fall 2024

ESL (4 FT Faculty - 1 Senator)

Koenig, Lizbeth (Term Ending Spring 2026)

Health Sciences (6 FT Faculty - 1 Senator)

Bonnie Flores (Term Ending Spring 2024)
Poy Yamada (Term Ending Spring 2025)

History (9 FT Faculty - 1 Senator)

Marisol Moreno (Term Ending Spring 2027)*

*Term begins Fall 2024

Kinesiology/Athletics (7 FT Faculty - 1 Senator)

Matthew Hank (Term Ending Spring 2026)

Library (5 FT Faculty - 1 Senator)

Luz Badillo (Term Ending Spring 2026)

Life Science (20 FT Faculty - 2 Senators)

Chris Grant (Term Ending Spring 2026)

Mathematics (33 FT Faculty - 4 Senators)

Ebrahim Jahangard (Term Ending Spring 2024)
Novita Phua (Term Ending Spring 2025)
Quyen Phung (Term Ending Spring 2025)

Modern Languages (5 FT Faculty - 1 Senator)

Yukiko Tsuboi (Term Ending 2026)

Music (8 FT Faculty - 1 Senator)

Jim Bergman (Term Ending Spring 2026)

Philos./Soc. Sci. (18 FT Faculty - 2 Senators)

Christina Gabler (Term Ending Spring 2025)
Eric Oifer (Term Ending Spring 2024)
James Thing (Term Ending Spring 2027)*

*Term begins Fall 2024

Photo-Fashion (8 FT Faculty - 1 Senator)

Ed Mangus (Term Ending Spring 2024)

Physical Science (22 FT Faculty - 2 Senators)

Forouzan Faridian (Term Ending Spring 2024)
Travis Pecorelli (Term Ending Spring 2027)
Sehat Nauli (Term Ending Spring 2027)*

*Term begins Fall 2024

Psychology (8 FT Faculty - 1 Senator)

Steph Anderson (Term Ending Spring 2024)

Theater Arts (4 FT Faculty - 1 Senator)

Perviz Sawoski (Term Ending Spring 2027)

Adjuncts-at-Large (11 Total serving 1 year terms)

Robin Daniels
Katlyn Greiner
Keith Kurtz
Rostom Sarkissian
Tom Briskey (Term Ending Spring 2025)*
Susanne Berry (Term Ending Spring 2025)*
Olga Vagin (Term Ending Spring 2025)*
Angelica Duran (Term Ending Spring 2025)*
Arno Papazyan (Term Ending Spring 2025)*


*Term begins Fall 2024

Faculty Association Liaison

Peter Morse

Senate Joint, Sub and Ad-Hoc Committees



Online Teaching & Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Open Education Resouces

Career Education

Personnel Policies


Professional Development

Decolonizing the Academy

Professional Ethics & Responsibilities

Department Chairs

Program Review

Elections & Rules

Sabbaticals & Fellowships

Environmental Affairs


Equity & Diversity

Student Affairs


Student Instructional Support

Global Citizenship


Information Services


Institutional Effectiveness


Legislative Action


New Faculty


Other Senate Responsibilities

Honor Council – Nathan Khalil

Student Relief Fund– TBD

Participatory Governance Policy

Board Policy 2000, Article 2200, BP 2210:

"Santa Monica College is a community composed of students, faculty, staff, administration and the Board of Trustees who are committed to the implementation of the Participatory Governance Policy (AB 1725). The Board of Trustees honors the concept of participatory governance in all areas defined by State laws and regulations as policy of the Santa Monica Community College District while retaining its own rights and responsibilities as the ultimate authority.

The Board of Trustees has adopted the following participatory governance policies developed by the Academic Senate, Classified Staff, Associated Students, and Management Association."

For more information, read the Participatory Governance Policy adopted by the Board of Trustees.