Institutional Effectiveness/Equity


​​​​​​​​Institutional Effectiveness (IE) is the systematic and continuous process of measuring the extent to which a college achieves its mission, as expressed through the goals and strategic objectives developed in an educational master plan. The ultimate purpose of the institutional effectiveness process is to advance educational quality and institutional improvement. The following reports provide a description of the college's performance on student success and other IE-related metrics by accountability system/effectiveness initiative.

Student Equity Plans

current plan:

2019-2022 Student Equity Plan

older plans:

2017-2019 Integrated Plan Executive Summary

2017-2019 Integrated Plan

2016-2017 Student Equity Data Report (No Plan)

2015-2016 Student Equity Plan

2014-2015 Student Equity Data Report (No Plan)

2005-2006 Student Equity Plan

​Local Vision for Success/Student Equity Goals

2019-2022 Vision for Success and Student Equity Goals at a Glance

2019-2022 Local Vision for Success Goals​

​SMC Institutional Effectiveness (IE) Dashboard

2018 IE Report and Dashboard

2019-2020 Institutional Effectiveness Committee Report to the District Planning Advisory Council (DPAC)