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Santa Monica College uses the CCCApply admission application for new, returning, undocumented, and high school concurrent students. Here is a brief summary of how the application process on CCCApply looks like.

Create an Account with OpenCCC → Complete a CCCApply Application →

Create an Account with OpenCCC

A new account can be created in just three easy steps. You will get your CCCID at the end (this is not your SMC ID number).

  1. Choose a preferred sign in method (email address or mobile phone) and validate your identity with a security code that will be provided to you.
  2. Provide a few required details needed for your record (name, email, phone, address, DOB).
  3. Set up a password to ensure security and support account recovery. That’s it!

Returning Students: If you used an SMC.EDU email account on your OpenCCC account, you must change the email address to a personal email account. Using an SMC account will prevent the processing of your application.


Complete a CCCApply Application

If you are continuing immediately after the initial account creation above, you will be taken to the Application automatically. If not, you can return to the “Sign In” page to continue.

  1. Enter your email address or mobile phone number in the Email or Mobile phone input field. Enter your password.
  2. Answer all questions on the application as they apply to you.
  3. You will know you have submitted your Application once you receive a confirmation number.
  4. Santa Monica College will process your application within one hour and will notify you of your admission status on the email provided on the application.
    1. a. You will receive a Welcome email with your SMC ID Number and anticipated enrollment date (subject to change), followed by an SMC account setup email, and another describing your next steps leading to enrollment.
    2. b. If you do not get a Welcome email from Admissions and Records within one business day, contact and provide us your confirmation number for further assistance.
    3. c. If we were unable to admit you, you will get an email instructing you with next steps.

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