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Grade Appeals


About Grade Appeals

Under California Education Code, grades assigned by instructors are final, except in instances of instructor mistake, fraud, incompetence, or bad faith. The grade appeal process is lengthy, often taking 4-9 months to resolve. A student who wishes to appeal a final grade must first meet with the College Ombudsperson to discuss the grade appeal procedure and attempt to resolve the grade dispute informally.

Failing to meet with the Ombudsperson by the deadline below may result in the loss of a potential formal appeal. The general process for grade appeals is noted below. Students bear the burden of proof and are solely responsible for meeting stated deadlines as these will not be changed.


Grade Appeals Process

Follow these steps by deadlines listed.

Grade Appeals Committee

The committee is composed of faculty, students, and administrators who participate in the formal Grade Appeal Hearing.

Each hearing panel is composed of:

  • 1 Academic Administrator who serves as chair
  • 3 faculty members
  • 3 students
  • The Dean of Enrollment Services — non-voting

Hearings are closed to the public. The student is required to be present.


For questions, contact Enrollment Services Assistant in the Admissions & Records Office at 310-434- 4572.