Admissions & Aid

College Reports & other Transfer Documents


Please review the instructions below on requesting any documents required for transfer admission such as the College Report, Transfer College Report, Coalition Report, Deans Report, etc. 

Submitting Your College Transfer Report

  1. Download the form as a PDF file from your Application portal

  2. Complete any required "Applicant" or "Student Section" portions of the form, and sign in any applicant signature area. 
  3. Complete the Enrollment Verification Request Form (You will be required to sign in to your SMC network account to access the form)
  4. Upload the Report to the Enrollment Verification Request Form, and provide an email at your transfer school(s) to deliver the completed Report to. You can provide up to eight recipient emails on a single request, if you require the Report sent to more than eight schools you will need to submit additional requests. 
  5.  The $3 processing fee for verification requests has been temporarily suspended until further notice.

Requests typically take 3-5 business days for processing. Be sure that you are aware of your application deadlines, and submit your request early, as there is no option for expedited service.