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Here, the World

Volume IX, Issue 6, December 12, 2023
For 2023’s final issue, SMC in Focus is proud to highlight Global Santa Monica College—SMC ranks #3 among U.S. community colleges for international students, and the college’s commitment to nurturing a global, diverse culture is visible in many ways. Dan “Micca” Cao from China. Andrea Giraldo from Colombia. Akari “Amy” Myint from Myanmar. Plus, Andrew Shchukin, building a new life with a little help from SMC’s noncredit ESL program. Here is a world where all things are possible.

Marianne Borgardt teaching Andrei

Second Language, New Beginnings

SMC’s noncredit ESL courses open up opportunities for refugees and immigrants in building lives. Just ask Andrew Shchukin, who immigrated from Siberia to avoid fighting a war he didn’t believe in.

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Micca at SMC graduation

No Limit for Dan “Micca” Cao

This SMC to Columbia University transfer’s journey took her from China to SoCal to NYC to Miami—to “a fresh start.” She launched her own nonprofit and landed a job with a Big Four firm.

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Andrea Giraldo

Widening Focus

Budding actress/writer/filmmaker Andrea Giraldo journeyed from Colombia to Santa Monica College to chart her future — and find herself.

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International student graduate

Global SMC, Through the Years

A look through The Corsair’s archives yielded these stories that showcase Santa Monica College’s global culture, reaching as far back as 1947. Throughout its history, SMC has been one of the most global college campuses in the nation.

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Stephen Soucy and Merchant Ivory

Bragging Rights

A Business prof’s film about Merchant Ivory to be distributed worldwide. SMC Athletics brings home several wins this fall. LAist features sustainability at SMC. A Comm & Media Studies instructor receives a presidential volunteer service award from Joe Biden.

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Amy Myint with her family

Living Wholeheartedly

Akari “Amy” Myint never imagined she could feel so independent—traveling on her own from her native Myanmar to SoCal, studying business marketing at SMC, shaping her future. She was born with a hole in her heart.

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Merchant Ivory Documentary Trailer (Directed and Produced by SMC Associate Business Prof. Stephen Soucy)