Library Computer Resources


Computer Commons, Lab, and Bibliographic Instruction Classroom

The Library currently has 215 computer workstations that are available to students for their academic needs. These workstations are located in the following three areas:

  • The Computer Commons has computers that may be used for Library research and word processing. The Commons is located near the Reference Desk on the 1st Floor North. 

  • The Computer Lab is on the 2nd Floor North and has workstations that may be used for word processing or college related research. Students who wish to use these computers should be aware that this facility supports classroom instruction and is sometimes not available when classes are scheduled for this room.

  • The Bibliographic Instruction Classroom (room 192) has 47 computers that are used for Library classes, orientations, and other scheduled events.

Students are expected to use the College's computing resources for college-related academic work only. Students are strongly advised to save their work frequently. Any files not saved may be lost. The library staff is not responsible for any lost work on these computers.

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