Student Print Services at SMC


Please Note:

At present printing and photocopying are available at no charge for SMC students as we transition to a new pay for print vendor. 
Color printing is not available at this time.  Wireless printing is not available at this time.  

Student Printing from College PCs

  • Log in to a student computer with your SMC username and password. If you need help logging in, you can check your username and password or get more help on:
  • Print your job from the PC. Please note the printer that your job is sent to (e.g. BW-1, BW-2, etc). You will need to go to that printer to retrieve your print job.

Cost for Printing

At present there is no charge for student printing.

Locations of B&W Printers

  • Library (bottom floor and 2nd floor)
  • Business Building (2nd floor computer lab)
  • Science Building (2nd floor computer lab)
  • Bundy Campus (computer lab)
  • Center for Media and Design (CMD) Campus (1st Floor room 119, 2nd Floor computer lab)

Printing Problems

If you have problems printing please ask computer lab staff to assist you.

Self-Service Copying Locations

Main Campus

  • Business Bldg – Computer Lab (2nd Floor)
  • Cafeteria (west wall)
  • Cayton Center Lounge Area
  • Library – Main Floor Copy room

External Campuses

  • Airport Arts Campus – Main Lobby Area
  • Bundy Campus – 1st Floor Computer Lab
  • Emeritus – 2nd Floor Hallway
  • Performing Arts Center – 2nd Floor Music Dept.
  • CMD Campus - 1st Floor room 119