Student Support

Choices 360


Choices 360 is a career database where you can read current information about various careers including salary, outlook and education. To access Choices 360, complete the following instructions:

Creating an Account

  1. Visit Choices 360
  2. Create an account with Activation Code: CA01218
  3. Choose Santa Monica College as your school
  4. Please make sure to record your Account Name and Password
  5. Make sure to check the box if you agree to the privacy policy and terms of the site

Exploring the Site

  1. Go to Career Planning (in the menu bar)
  2. Then go to Explore Careers (in the menu bar)
  3. Type a Career Title in the “Search for” Box, select a category in the “Browse Career Clusters” and select a career from the list select a letter of the alphabet for a list of careers that begin with that letter
  4. Once you have selected a career that fits your interests you can read about money, outlook, related careers and education, etc.