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Explore an archive of videos made by regular people interviewing diverse professionals from around the world. To access Roadmap to Careers by Roadtrip Nations, complete the following instructions:

Creating an Account

  1. Enter in your information on Roadmap to Careers by Roadtrip Nations
  2. Make sure to check the box if you agree to the privacy policy and terms of the site
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Exploring the Site

The Interview Archive is filled with stories from Leaders from varying fields, careers, and backgrounds. See how they figured out what they love and how they built their life around it.

  1. Complete the activity under The Roadmap tab to find Leaders connected to your area of interest
  2. Explore the Themes tab to find out what Leaders think about financial security, success, and many other difficult topics
  3. Use the All Leader tab to see whom we’ve talked to throughout the years
  4. Personalize your experience by finding Leaders based on Interest and Foundation

Logging into your Account

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