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Exploring Majors and Careers Project​

Please thoroughly read the assignment and use the resources below to help you explore your major and career.

Elim​imajor Worksheet

​Please complete this assignment before your appointment with your career counselor.

​​​Career Coach​

  1. ​​The initial survey is optional.  You may click "bypass" to go directly to the website.
  2. ​Select "Take the Assessment"
  3. Select the "6 question assessment" *note: if you have time, you can choose to take the longer one*
  4. ​Please take note of your Top 3 Traits.​

RIASEC Handout

Find out more about your top 3 traits from Career Coach.

Choices 360

​Creating an Account

  1. ​Create an account with Activation Code: CA01218.
  2. Choose Santa Monica College as your school.
  3. Please make sure to record your Account Name and Password​.
  4. Make sure to check the box if you agree to the privacy policy and terms of the site

​​​Exploring the Site

  1. Go to Career Planning (in the menu bar)
  2. Then go to Explore Careers (in the menu bar)
  3. Type a Career title in the “Search for” Box
    Select a letter of the alphabet for a list of careers that begin with that letter 
    Select a category in the “Browse Career Clusters” and select a career from the list
  4. Once you have selected a career that fits your interests you can read about money, outlook, related careers and education, etc.​