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Venice, Italy


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Exploring Venice: Art, Music, and Culture in La Serenissima

April 6 – 15, 2018

Join professors Shanon Zusman and Francesca Kemitch for a one-week field study that will immerse students in the rich artistic and musical legacy of beautiful Venice, Italy.

Explore the six districts of Venice on foot and by boat and see first-hand landmarks such as the Basilica San Marco, the Palazzo Ducale, and the Campanile which have inspired artists for generations. View the magnificent art collections and get to know the works of Titian and Tintoretto among other Venetian artists. Trace the paths of Monteverdi and Vivaldi and become familiar with the works of these two composers who were responsible for the rise of public opera and the Baroque concerto. Visit a museum of musical instruments and attend a classical concert in the Chiesa di Santa Maria della Pietà. Cross the Venetian Lagoon and watch glass being blown at Murano and admire exquisite handmade lace on Burano.

Leisurely cruise the famous canals of Venice to find the Rialto Bridge, stopping off at the interesting markets along the way. Come to appreciate why this city is nicknamed "La Serenissima," the most serene republic.