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2020-2021 Student Ambassadors



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Welcome Center’s Student Ambassador Program is designed to engage students in servant leadership within the essential area of the College’s outreach, recruitment and successful onboarding of new students. 

Ana Berman: Area of Interest: People and Society, Psychology Major 

Ana Berman

The last year of my high school, I ended up having to move out of state which drastically shaped my long term and short term goals. I ended up applying to SMC because I wanted a more personal experience, and I knew it was one of the best for transferring. I'm a second year student at SMC and have been absolutely shocked by the sheer number of resources available. I've had an amazing experience, being on the board for clubs, going to office hours, getting to know my professors, and forming a community of friends at SMC. As someone transferring next year, I want to help give back and act as a mentor for students. I am a member of the board for the Psychology Club and the Psi Beta club. I hope to help foster an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment for students at SMC. I have also become Title IX certified and mental health first aid certified, and hope to help spotlight the available resources if student's need them. Overall, I want to leave knowing that I made a positive impact on the community and helped ease the transition for other students!

Lara Colindres: Area of Interest: People and Society, Sociology Major

Lara Colindres

The amazing programs and supporting community is what brought me to SMC. I wanted to become an Ambassador because I wanted to show students that SMC is a place for second chances and provides amazing resources and opportunities, along with a supportive community behind them. I am committed to completing both of my Associates Degrees and transfer plan.


Amritpal Dhillon:  Area of Interest: Culture, History and Languages, History Major

Amritpal Dhillon

SMC has been an eye-opening experience as I've learned more about myself and my academic capabilities. My professors have shown the highest standard of courtesy and care for all students. I also found that SMC has so many support programs, which I haven't seen in many schools. I initially wanted to be an Ambassador to help other students find their way around SMC.  I want to share my experiences with other students who need the help so that they have a head start at SMC. I'm currently committed to finishing my transfer program with an Associate's Degree in history. I'm applying to schools that I  never thought I could have applied to because of the confidence I've been given by all of the support at SMC and the dedicated faculty.

Toko Dillard-Greene:  Area of Interest: Arts, Media and Entertainment, Film Production Major

Toko Dillard-Greene

The feeling of community, without feeling like a community college is what brought me to SMC. I want to be a Student Ambassador so I am able to encourage future students to believe in their ability to change the world. I am committed to completing an AA in Film Production.



Marcos Escamilla Area of Interest: Business, Business Administration Major

Marcos Escamilla

What brought me to SMC was that it was the #1 Community College for transferring and it’s one of the few Community Colleges that actually prepares you for a UC type of school. The reason I wanted to be an Ambassador at SMC was because I wanted to show new students how things work at SMC, the way I was taught when I was a new student. I also want to get out of my comfort zone by becoming an Ambassador.  I am committed to transferring to a UC and getting my Associate's Degree this year.


Biraj Gurung:  Area of Interest: People and Society, Economics Major

Biraj Gurung

SMC was not my first choice. I was rejected by every university I applied to during high school. I am glad that. I came to SMC because it gave me time to rethink and explore my academic and career options. SMC also has a more relaxing atmosphere that helped me make more friends and easily get involved on campus.  I want to work in the public transportation sector and eventually work in the LA City Council. I was originally a Biology major with the intention to go to medical school. I wanted to be a doctor because I wanted to help people. However, I realized that I wasn’t passionate about learning Chemistry but realized my love for public service through my involvement in student government and my volunteering club (Go AGS!). Throughout my time at SMC, I was lucky enough to meet extraordinary people that encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and utilize all that SMC has to offer. I am committed to transferring to a UC. 

Allegra Gutierrez:  Area of Interest: Culture, History and Languages, Chicanx Studies Major

Allegra Gutierrez

SMC's well-known supportive environment, large network of staff and students and great transfer programs convinced me to move to Los Angeles and enroll! My first year of college did not go well.  I was going through so much at home and school and had given up on myself. Now I cannot imagine my life without school, and want to represent my college while helping any fellow Corsair to follow their goals. I would like to be a helping hand and share lessons I've learned during my educational journey! I am committed to completing my transfer goals, taking all of the classes that interest me (SMC offers so many!) and getting as involved as possible -- now remotely. I am committed to giving back to the school that gave me so much and grow as a student, peer, and Ambassador.

Rome Hart Area of Interest: People and Society, Psychology Major 

Rome Hart

Three years ago I was working a full time job in order to support my impoverished family, with no high school degree and no hope that I would ever obtain a higher education. At twenty years old, I believed that I was destined to never surpass my GED in terms of academics, despite my eagerness to learn. It was around then that I was introduced to someone who attended SMC. She explained to me how at SMC I would be able to move at my own pace, and take interesting classes with helpful and enthusiastic instructors. I applied to the college out of curiosity, and it has been one of the best decisions of my life. I discovered my passion for psychology, have made so many wonderful connections with some amazing people, and have always felt supported throughout my entire experience at SMC. When I heard about the Ambassador Program I instantly felt like it was something I would be perfect for, and was so excited to apply. I love to help new students, or just people in general, and I love SMC. It is my great honor to now have the chance to introduce prospective students to the many wonderful opportunities that this college provides. I will be graduating with honors in Spring 2021 with an Associates degree in Humanities and Social Sciences. I am on track to complete my IGETC pathway, and I hope to transfer to UCLA as a Pre-Psychology major for the Fall 2021 semester. Additionally, I am a Scholars student and will be finishing my very last scholars' class this semester. I am a member of the honor society, Phi Theta Kappa, and an active participant in the school's Psychology Club. 

Adrienne Johnson Area of Interest: Business, Business Major

Adrienne Johnson

Returning back to school, SMC gave me a second chance to find a career in the field of study I truly enjoy and love. Being an Ambassador gives me the opportunity to engage and connect with my peers and be of service to them so they can succeed in their journey here at SMC. I am committed to completing my educational goals.


Ariel Reyes Area of Interest: STEM, Anthropology Major

Ariel Reyes

When I first took classes at SMC, I was a high schooler looking to receive some college credits during summer. I had originally planned to go to a four-year, but after taking those summer classes, I realized that SMC might be a good option for me. The diversity, the support received by faculty, and the affordability were only a few of the reasons I chose to come to SMC. I wanted to become an Ambassador to encourage and support others about the benefits of coming to SMC. Being here, I've been able to make wonderful experiences while being able to focus on my education. As an Ambassador, I hope to make sure any current and new students have the chance to make excellent memories. As a first-generation student, I hope to transfer from SMC to a four-year university. In addition, I hope to use what I've learned here from the various programs and clubs I am in to go further in the future.

Nasim Rezai:  Area of Interest, People and Society, Gender Studies Major

Nasim Rezai

I came to SMC because of family tradition. Although I live about an hour and a half away, the legacy of attending SMC continues! The amazing opportunities SMC has to offer are a great plus, as well as the supportive staff and faculty. Also, SMC is number 1 in transferring, this is the place to be. Being the youngest in your family often results in being treated as the baby. However, being raised in an immigrant family, I was always there to help explain how things work, always there to translate and so much more. While I have the skills to help my parents and family, I wanted to be an Ambassador to stretch my skills, and help others in my community. I am committed to bringing equality within every aspect of our society. While school can be tough, I hope that I can create a safe place for everyone, whether that is through fun actives, serious actives, and bringing awareness. I am here to support your needs!

Nataniel (Nate) Sawdayi Area of Interest: People and Society, Business Economics Major

Nataniel Sawdayi

I initially heard about SMC from a fellow student while I was in high school. I took advantage of the High School Concurrent Enrollment Program and began taking courses at the end of my junior and senior years of high school to get a head start. The ease of connecting with an SMC counselor from the many counseling services and guidance programs immediately caught my attention. I also love SMC for its amazing reputation and for holding its record as the leading transfer school to many colleges, including the UCs. I wanted to become an Ambassador because I understand the struggles of joining SMC as a new student that knows very few of the many opportunities and experiences offered both on and off campus. During my first semester, I didn’t know many people that I felt comfortable with to ask my questions until I met the warm and welcoming Student Ambassadors. After experiencing that, I decided I want to be that person for the next student who feels lost or is in need of guidance. Additionally, with my involvement in many clubs on campus, I believe that I can give new students an insight to what it means to be a respected Corsair and how they can take advantage of the numerous opportunities we have to offer at SMC! I'm committed to receiving an Associate in Science in General Science and an Associate in Arts in Social and Behavioral Science, as well as successfully transferring to a 4-year university.

Shlomo Silberberg Area of Interest: Business, Accounting and Finance Major

Shlomo Silberberg

I heard about the amazing opportunities available at SMC and the endless possibilities of classes, clubs, and events that I could join. Also, both my older brothers were attending the college when I originally began and told me how amazing it truly is to be at SMC. I wanted to be an Ambassador because I love my college and I love helping others. Being an Ambassador allows me to reach out to you, the students and my peers, and help you guys connect to our endless network of opportunities. I am committed to completing my requirement for transfer while at SMC but more importantly I'm committed to the students. I am committed to helping each and every student that needs help and help them succeed while at SMC as I did.

Emily Valdez:  Area of Interest: People and Society, Political Science and Communication Studies Major

Emily Valdez

I was initially very lost when I got out of High School. I did not know if going to a four year college was going to be a good choice because I didn't know what I wanted to study or who I wanted to be, so I realized that going to community college was the smart move. I had gone to visit many of the CC campuses; but when I arrived at SMC it carried a different energy.  I walked into the Student Service Building to see if I could still apply and met a counselor.  That's when I knew how much SMC had to offer. They supported their students like no other CC I saw/  They valued their students and you can see it in the counselors that they wanted to see their students succeed. When I left the meeting I wanted to go see the beautiful campus and some of the program offices but I didn't know my way around so I noticed the Ambassador desk and I asked for help. They were so supportive and very relatable.  Little did I know that they were going to be my friends/coworkers later on. When I got home, I immediately submitted my application because I knew that SMC was the place I belonged. Being an Ambassador is about building a safe space for everyone and taking the initiative to support students so that they are never alone. Once I became an Ambassador it opened the doors for me to understand this grand sense of community that SMC can offer and along the way I made some pretty cool friends! I am committed to completing 3 AA degrees at SMC; communications, political science and liberal arts.