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Art History Transfer Resources

Art History is a great choice for transfer because it is a non-impacted major in the UC system and at many private institutions. This means that there is ample space in the upper division courses at these institutions for you to attend and complete your degree. In fact, Art History programs across the UC system love our SMC transfers and are interested in meeting you so that you can learn about their department and university. Contact the SMC Art Department chair or one of the full-time faculty to be put in direct contact with any of the UC Art History departments you are thinking of applying to.

Here is a Link to the Zoom Recording for the Fall 2021 UC Personal Essay Workshop & Art History Major Information Session

We believe an art history degree prepares you for any profession and SMC alumni who majored in art history have gone on to have thriving careers outside of the arts including: Doctors, Lawyers, Sales and Marketing Professionals, Public Relations, and K-12 Teachers. Many Art History majors do go on to work at non-profits, museums, and other exhibition spaces. They also become cultural affairs managers, fundraising coordinators, archivists, and a host of other careers in the arts.

If you love your art history classes, we encourage you to think about Art History as your transfer pathway.

Students who major in art history develop skills that are highly valued by employers. These skills include:

  • Critical and creative thinking,
  • Oral, written, and visual communication
  • Ability to take multiple approaches to solving problems
  • Work effectively both individually and collaboratively
  • Research and synthesize information
  • Interpret cultural practices

Some of the top transfer schools for SMC Art History majors are:

Art History Transfer Presentation

To view the 10/29/2020 ZOOM PRESENTATION about the benefits of choosing an Art History major and transfer tips, click on the zoom presentation link below.

Zoom Presentation