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Promo Pathway Program


The Promo Pathway Program at SMC.

Promo Pathway Program 2023-2024

Gain Insider Access with a Career in Entertainment Promotions & Marketing Production

Promo Pathway is the nation’s first accredited on-air promotions training program, produced in partnership with Promaxand with the generous support of Promax Leadership Through Diversity partners. This one-year immersive program provides emerging talent with hands-on training designed to help launch a career in entertainment marketing and promotions and advertising in television and media.

Interactive courses include a combination of writing, editing, production, and design, taught by leading industry professionals. Students learn how to assess television and digital content, create graphic content, and implement audio and visual techniques to create compelling promotional campaigns. The program offers many opportunities to access  one-to-one coaching and professional development, plus earn internships at major networks, studios, and agencies.


How to Apply

Our program has a vetting process that includes an application and an interview. Please submit an application to be considered for the Promo Pathway Program at Santa Monica College. The interview will be done in person and scheduled after the application is submitted. We are looking for students interested in developing their technical and professional skills for the Entertainment Marketing Industry. We expect students to commit to a full-year curriculum that will guarantee a seat in all 9 program courses.

  • Semester/Classes Begins: August 28, 2023

All students accepted into the program will be required to be full-time students at Santa Monica College for the 2023-2024 Academic Year.   

Application period ends June 2, 2023.

Application is will open beginning early Winter 2024.


Information Sessions 

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Check Again Fall 2023

For more information on the Promo Pathway Program contact  Program Director, Mario Franco .  


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Degrees and Certificates

Associate in Science Degree - Entertainment Promotion and Marketing Production

24 units + General Education Requirements

Certificate of Achievement - Entertainment Promotion and Marketing Production

24 units

This program is a comprehensive on-air promotions training program that will prepare you for employment in entertainment promotion and marketing production. You will gain the essential skills needed to launch a career as a writer, producer, or editor.

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