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Skill Builders (Noncredit) ESL for Careers in Healthcare


ESL for College and Career Pathways

Are you an English Language learner who is considering a career in healthcare or already works in healthcare? Or maybe you just want to communicate better with your medical providers.

This fully online noncredit ESL certificate program is just for you!

These courses are designed to build your English language skills around careers in healthcare. You will learn basic medical terminology and vocabulary while producing various forms of oral and written communication relevant to working in a clinical, medical or caregiving environment.

You can explore a range of careers in healthcare by also enrolling in one of the Health Sciences noncredit certificate programs to earn dual certificates in one of semester, or complete the two ESL courses on their own to earn the certificate of competency in ESL for College and Career Pathways.

SMC Health Sciences Noncredit Certificate Programs:

  • Rehabilitation Therapy Aide
  • Introduction to Working with Older Adults
  • CNA Pre-Certification
  • Home Health Aide Pre-Certification

Students who complete the program will be connected to JVS West Lost Angeles Work Source to receive assistance in looking for jobs in the field and will be invited to participate in SMC's graduation.

If you are interested in learning more about this program and exploring careers in healthcare, contact your SMC Noncredit Student Services team to make an appointment with your SMC Noncredit counselors:

No Computer? No Problem!
Enrolled SMC studetns can check out free Chromebooks. Talk to your SMC Noncredit counselor for details.

*F1 Student Visa holders are not eligible for noncredit courses.

Course Requirements

Certificate of Completion – ESL for College and Career Pathways

ESL 994: ESL for College and Career Pathways: Introduction
ESL 995: ESL for College and Career Pathways: Effective Communications

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