Get started with our Fundamentals of Biotechnology 1 course during the Spring 2023 semester to start learning foundational skills, get job-ready training, find out about pathways to advanced degrees, and more!

What is Biotech & Why is This Industry For You?

  • The union of technology, engineering, and biology to make medicines, vaccines, biofuels, foods, or medical devices that will benefit and improve society.
  • Amazing, high paying careers in industries like pharmaceuticals, research, medial diagnostics, agriculture, regenerative medicine, food/beverages, and bioindustrial.
  • Over 3,900 bioscience innovation companies supporting a workforce of more than 200,000 in the Los Angeles region with a 10% growth rate each year.

Our curriculum has been validated by our industry partners. Plus, our program has been funded by the National Science Foundation (DUE #2202150) and the W. M. Keck Foundation.

Certificates and Associate Degree coming soon.


Biol 30: Fundamentals of Biotechnology 1

Course Starts February 12
Section: 1259
Lecture: Tuesday and Thursday, 9 to 11:05 a.m.
Lab: Thursday, 1 to 4:05 p.m.

This Course is For People Who...

  • Like Science
  • Have an interest in learning how they can use science to solve problems
  • Want to learn how biotechnology saves the world

What Will You Learn?

  • An overview of biotechnology & the modern day workforce
  • Foundational biology concepts & their application to the biotech industry
  • Skills to operate cutting edge laboratory equipment
  • Teamwork & leadership skills

About This Course

Entry Level
  • No prerequisites!
Career Focused
  • Gain skills to get a high paying job!
  • Earn skills badges that get you noticed by employers!
  • Built-in academic support sessions!

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This program was created in response to the lack of diversity in STEM Fields and with the awareness that the biotechnology/life science industry is struggling to find highly skilled technicians to support it's rapid growth.


We envision our graduates using their training, skills, and passion to solve the world's problems through science and to become agents of change who support diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in the life science workforce.


Through an equity centered approach, we strive to cultivate our student's interests in science and to build their confidence by acknowledging and celebrating their strengths while training them to become skilled laboratory technicians.

Transfer Opportunities

Coming Fall 2024! Continue your training in biotechnology by earning a bachelor’s degree in biomanufacturing at one of three California Community Colleges: Solano, MiraCosta, and Moorpark 

Potential Career Options

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