Life Sciences

Prerequisite Waivers


Several courses in the Life Sciences Department require completion of a prerequisite course (see table below).

Desired Course Prerequisite/s Skills Advisory
Anatomy 1 English 1 none
Physiology 3

Anatomy 1; AND

Chem 19 (preferred), OR Chem 10, OR eligibility for Chem 11

Eligibility for English 1
Microbiology 1

Phys 3 OR Biol 3 OR Biol 21; AND

Chem 19 (preferred), OR

Chem 10, OR

Eligibility for Chem 11

Eligibility for English 1
Biol 21 Chem 11 Eligibility for English 1
Biol 22 Chem 11 AND Biol 21

Chem 21; AND

Eligibility for English 1

Biol 23 Biol 22 Eligibility for English 1

If you have completed comparable prerequisites at an institution other than SMC, you must show proof of successful completion. Please follow the instructions below to request a prerequisite waiver:

Click the "Send Waiver Request" link below and include the following in your email:

  1. Complete name and SMC student ID number.
  2. The SMC course that you would like to enroll in.
  3. Names and course numbers of the courses you believe fulfill the prerequisite requirement.
  4. Scanned, unofficial transcripts from the school where the prerequisite was completed.
  5. Weblinks to official course descriptions or course outlines of the prerequisite course. (optional but recommended)
  6. Scanned syllabi (optional but recommended)

When all of these materials have been received, your waiver request will be considered, usually within two weeks. There can be a longer wait during the month prior to, and during, enrollment.

You will receive an email notification through your SMC student email address if/when your request has been approved and processed.

PLEASE NOTE: waiver requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Please do not email or call prior to the two-week time frame, as that will not expedite the waiver processing.

Send Waiver Request