Emeritus Winter 2021 Schedule

Distance Education


Accessing Distance Education

In order for instructors to be able to provide students with distance education class information including Zoom “join a meeting” class links and passwords, all students must set up or activate their Corsair Connect account in order to receive emails from their instructors who will primarily communicate via students’ SMC Gmail email accounts.

Students need to familiarize themselves with signing into SMC’s Corsair Connect online enrollment and student services portal located at smc.edu/cc First time signing in, students will use their SMC ID Number located on their enrollment confirmation and their temporary password which is their 6 digit date of birth, (MMDDYY).

Online Resources

Informational links to help students navigate SMC Corsair Connect, SMC Gmail, and the “CC Guide” are conveniently located right above the Corsair Connect login screen in a blue and white banner located at smc.edu/cc. The SMC Corsair Connect Guide provides students with information to make their SMC Emeritus semesters successful by giving them step by step instructions ranging from online enrollment, accessing their SMC Gmail and retrieving lost passwords.

Personal Email Address

Students may also provide SMC Emeritus with their personal email address. Students can use the fillable SMC Emeritus application form (PDF) to provide us their personal email. Visit smc.edu/Emeritus and click on the “Application Form”.

Student may also add their personal email to their active Corsair Connect account after login at smc.edu/cc :

  1. Click the Enrollment tab

  2. Click on Profile/Preferences

  3. Add your personal email address

Corsair Connect Guide

Step by step instructions.

  1. Go to Corsair Connect at smc.edu/cc

  2. Click the “CC Guide” link

    Corsair Connect login window

Corsair Connect

Log into your student account.

  1. Go to Corsair Connect at smc.edu/cc

  2. Enter your SMC ID Number and your password and click Login

  3. Forgot password, select “I cannot access my account”

  4. First time signing in, use your SMC ID Number and temporary password, your 6 digit date of birth (MMDDYY)

    I cannot access my account link in the Corsair Connect login window

SMC Student Email

How to access your SMC student email account.

  1. Go to Corsair Connect at smc.edu/cc

  2. Click the “SMC Gmail” link

    Corsair Connect login window

  3. On the SMC Sign-On page, enter your network username (Last Name_First Name_Middle) and the password is the same one you use to sign into Corsair Connect and click Login.

    SMC Sign-On window