Emeritus Winter 2023 Schedule

News from the Associate Dean


Dear Emeritus Community,

Welcome to Winter 2023!

SMC was recently named an Age-Friendly University, meaning we are intentionally working to improve the experience of post-traditional students here at SMC, both at Emeritus and throughout the College. There will be more to come on this in the future, but I wanted you to know!

I know the choice to enroll in an in-person class or online only, remains a very personal choice. You may be happy to see a class you like being scheduled to meet in person, and you may not. Our program will be increasing our in-person offerings. We will maintain some ability for online participation in some classes in the future. I believe that as the pandemic fades/turns into something more endemic, the vast majority of the Emeritus community will want to return to the in-person and more social environment we were used to. You might have to choose a different section, instructor, or course than you are used to taking if your usual preference is offered in a modality that is not your current preference.

We have a number of classes being taught in person this term. A large number of those faculty members have chosen to also stream those in-person classes online. We have made notations in the schedule for any in-person class that is likely to be live-streamed. Please know that teaching modality and whether it is streamed or not is always subject to change.

While the vaccinations are no longer required or even tracked, we are still operating with a mask mandate for classes. I hope many of you are warming to the idea of taking at least one class in person very soon. Every in-person class at Emeritus will require masks (KN-95s as of the date of printing), and the COVID-19 vaccination and booster, as eligible. The second booster is not yet mandated by the CDC but it is highly recommended for Emeritus students.

Please know that the Emeritus team, Vivian, Jessica, Ashley, the Emeritus faculty, even our new student workers and myself are working incredibly hard right now and always. If you get a chance, please let the team know how appreciative you are.


Dr. Scott C. Silverman
Dean, Noncredit & External Programs