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Students Communicating with Instructors

Students with questions about Proctorio or their instructor’s virtual proctoring setup should ask their instructor for more information.  Faculty are encouraged to engage their students in meaningful dialogue about issues of access and technical barriers associated with Proctorio.

SMC Student Privacy and Virtual Proctoring

Proctorio is a third-party virtual proctoring software available to all 114 California community colleges.  The California Community College system chose Proctorio because of its high standards of privacy and security.

Proctorio requires students and instructors to download a browser plug-in.  Instructors using Proctorio choose the kind of proctoring data that will be monitored during the exam or quiz. As a student completes a proctored exam through Proctorio, the data is securely sent to Proctorio’s servers, where the data is analyzed.

That data is then shared with SMC but is completely encrypted and includes no sensitive student information—no ID numbers, grades, or other personal information.

If and when SMC personnel access the analyzed test data to check on a possible case of academic dishonesty, the analyzed data remains encrypted on Proctorio’s end.  Only your instructor has access to any recordings or data captured during a proctored exam.

Proctorio is only ‘on’ and capable of collecting data while a student is actively in a proctored test on Canvas. That data collection is only possible when the student has enabled the browser plug-in; any such data collection would be impossible when the browser plug-in has been disabled.

Please note your instructor is the only person who may view any recorded quiz or exam. Proctorio does not have access to any of the video or audio content recorded during your exam.  Additionally, your instructor is highly unlikely to view the video of your exam unless it was flagged as concerning by Proctorio’s automated software.

For Proctorio’s answers to commonly asked questions about its software, visit Proctorio FAQ.