Financial Aid & Scholarships

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Corsair E-Docs

Corsair E-Docs is your new, mobile one-stop portal for submitting documents to the Financial Aid Office.

You may be directed here for one of the following reasons:

  • Federal Verification

  • A Financial Aid Appeal

  • Citizenship Review

  • Selective Service or Veteran Status Confirmation

  • Other Federal Eligibility Issues

Corsair E-Docs

You need to create an account to complete the financial aid process. You can also ‘opt in’ for text messaging when you create your account. Once you login, you can complete and submit any required documents within your portal.

The link above will take you to the login page. Sign in with your current SMC username and password. The ‘Create Account’ page will open. You need to create your account with the information exactly as it appears on your FAFSA. If the information does not match you will get a ‘1010 error code’. Review and correct the information and try again if this occurs.

Once your information is verified you will see a list of required documents and or actions. You can complete the documents, apply your e-signature and submit electronically. Your parents will need to sign electronically as well. An email will go out to request the signature.

Guidelines for Account Creation

  • The name you used on your FAFSA needs to be the same name you use to create an account.

  • You need to create your account before your parent does.

  • Your Corsair Connect password is your e-signature (PIN), which must be different than your parent's e-signature.

  • Don't forget that once your parent signs the requested documents, you will need to go back in and complete all required steps.