Removal of Ws and Refund of Fees

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Deadlines to Request Removal of Withdrawal (W) Grade and Refund of Fees

If the deadline to withdraw from a course (without a W or with a W) has passed, and you believe that extenuating circumstances beyond your control precluded you from withdrawing on time, you may submit a special consideration petiton to make a request to remove a W and/or refund. However, you must submit your petition by the appropriate deadline below. Failing to submit the form by the deadline will result in denial of your request.
•  Summer class: November 30 of same year
 Fall class: April 30 of following year
•  Winter class: May 30 of same year
 Spring class: October 30 of same year

A  complete  explanation  of  how  withdrawal deadlines are determined is available online (see  and  in  the  annual SMC catalog (online at