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Environmental Studies


About Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies Program is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary course of study that presents a broad overview of ecological issues from a variety of perspectives. The coursework examines the interplay between natural and social systems, and the ideological foundations of humankind's attitudes and behaviors with respect to their ever‐changing environments. This program is designed to prepare students to research, analyze, and propose solutions to the myriad environmental challenges facing the world today.

Degree and Certificate Requirements

Programs Offered

Degree Option

  • Environmental Studies

Certificate Option

  • Environmental Studies

Transfer Options and Opportunities

SMC students have many options and opportunities for transfer. Make your choice and see what you need to qualify.

Completion of major requirements does not satisfy all transfer admission requirements to UC, CSU, California Private, Out of State, or International institutions.

Please note: Not all schools offer this major.

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