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Meet With A University Representative

University Representatives from all around the world visit Santa Monica College every semester.

How Will Meeting With University Representatives Help Me?

Your personal interaction with university representatives is full of advantages:

  • It offers you exposure to colleges or universities that you might not have been aware of or initially considered.

  • You can gather information and ask specific questions about the college or university.

  • In some cases, you might be able to present your transcripts to get a tentative idea about your eligibility for admission. This is particularly helpful in determining if a school is a good overall match for your abilities and interests or in learning how you might improve your chances for admission.

  • It provides both you and the admissions officer a face that connects to a name. In other words, you have a specific person with whom to make contact at the college or university. Likewise, the representative will have met you, the prospective student or applicant whose name appears on the records at the admissions office. In many cases, this representative is also the reader of your application and the person who becomes your in-house advocate in the admissions process. You want that person to know who you are!

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