About Music

The Music Associate in Arts degree provides educational opportunities designed to meet the needs of students 
who wish to explore and expand their knowledge, performance skills and appreciation of music.  The program 
includes applied and group music instruction, history, and instrumental ensembles, theory and musicianship. 

Applied Music 

As part of the Applied Music Program, by audition; includes the same as General Music, plus private instruction in a specialized area of study (Composition, Voice, Instrumental; European Classical and Jazz)​ and performance classes in a supportive multi-cohort peer environment.

General Music

A broad musical training that can be the foundation for the pursuit of various musical careers

Degree Requirements

Programs Offered

Degree Options

  • Option 1: Applied Music
  • Option 2: Music

Certificate Options

  • Applied Music (Effective Fall 2024)
  • Piano (Effective Fall 2024)

Transfer Options and Opportunities

SMC students have many options and opportunities for transfer. Make your choice and see what you need to qualify.

Completion of major requirements does not satisfy all transfer admission requirements to UC, CSU, California Private, Out of State, or International institutions.

Please note: Not all schools offer this major.

For additional information visit the Music department website.